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About us


Professionals at the service of your health

Puerto Rican Medical Group created  to provide services of  excellence  to elderly people in the  center of the  Florida, establishing as a north the dignity and social justice that every human being deserves.

Our commitment

Provide the best treatment and service to  our patients and peace of mind  To his family  to know that you are in good hands.

Dr. Arcilio Alvarado - President

President's Message

To the whole family  from Advantage Medical Group:

The health and well-being of people involves an environment much more than giving a medical service, it is about including the human part in its maximum expression in which we always manage to make everyone feel  our people we are a family.  

When we get involved in the feelings of others and we can understand their real need, it is when we can truly create a bond that allows it to last over time.   

I firmly believe that well-being and health go hand in hand because, if one of them is missing, we can never be well.  

Every day, our goal should be to achieve both, our goal ... to feel completely as a family.


The stars  that represent us

Iris_Chacon copy.png
Iris Chacon
Luis_Vigoreaux copy.png
Pedro copy.png
Pedro Figueroa
Luis Vigoreaux
Roberto copy.png
Robert  Vigoreaux
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